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Choice of Downs
Down/Feather: 25/75 Grey Duck down is our preferred standard down of choice. It consists of 25% down, and 75% feather blend. This down blend works well on lighter fabrics. It is airy and supportive, even when used with heavier fabrics. 50/50 down, which consist of 50% down, and 50% feather blend. Are available for an additional charge. Be careful when using lighter, more luxurious down combination with heavy fabrics. The heavier fabrics will weigh on the lighter downs. The extra weight causes the finished product to feel empty. To compensate, over packing or crowding the down may be necessary in order to fill. This over crowding process eliminates the natural behavior of the down.
Tip: You should never overstuff a down cushion. If a firmer cushion is what you are looking for you might want to consider a different type of fill

Poly Down: A Poly down cushions is made with two 25/75 or 50/50 down envelopes joined together. Four cushion tops are traced from the finished cushion covers and cut out of a high quality down proof ticking. Two envelopes are made by sewing two tops together with 2-3 channels in between each envelope to separate the down (larger cushions take additional channels) Then the two tops are joined together by a strip of ticking called the cushion boxing (boxing varies in width depending on thickness of foam used). The boxing makes a pocket for the foam core. High resilient top rated HR foam is used along with a resilient 100% polyester wrapping. The polyester wrapping helps keep the down lofty. Springs down cushions are also available. Smaller seat cushions are not recommended with poly down fill. Smaller cushions compress the down too much and do not allow the down to breath. Double the yardage of down proof ticking is required to make 1 cushion.

Cutting Corners
Manufactures are always looking for ways to cut corners. Here are some ways they cut corners with down cushions:

  • Cheaper less resistant down proof ticking are used
  • 90% feather 10% down combinations are used
  • Only two cushion tops are cut out of down proof ticking on poly down cushions. The two interior tops of the envelope and the channels use in between the envelopes to separate the down are made of a cheaper fabric that traps the down and causes it to cluster.
  • 90% feather 10% down combinations is further reduced in quality by blending it with large amounts of polyester fiber. In most cases larger percentages of polyester used than down. This also cause the down to cluster and not flow properly.
  • Poorly rated foams are also used

Knops Upholstery and Vsdezine not only uses the highest rated foam, but we also use the cleanest, down proof ticking with the highest tread count down available. We use our ticking on all interior tops and channel to provide maximum flow for all of our high quality downs, clustering is not a problem.

Non Down Fillers
Cloud Air: Cloud air cushions are a great alternative to down cushions. They are made with the same down proof ticking and constructed in the same way. Instead of down, high quality polyester fibers are blown and filled in the same manner. This is a great alternative for people who are allergic to down.

Poly Dacron Fillers
Poly Dacron cushions is made up of a poly core with 100% Dacron or polyester wrapping. In contrast to a poly down cushion which typically requires softer foam to allow the down to function. A poly Dacron cushion has a wider variety of densities and levels of support. For example, an older person who does not want to sink so much into a cushion should choose a higher density poly Dacron cushion. In contrast a poly used for the core of a poly down seat cushion, will also be used as a core, on a poly dacron back cushion. Poly Dacron cushions also work extremely well when used for seating on a modern style furniture. Modern furniture requires sharper lines and cushions with little to no crown firmer poly cores work great to create this effect.

Spring Fillers
Taking a spring unit, wrapping it with cotton to protect the poly, and sandwiching it in between 2 layers of high-density 1” foam make spring cushions. Then wrapping it with polyester.


What customers say...
I think the first time I used Knops Upholstery was in 1980! Mr. Knops was still working then. The quality of the work was unsurpassed, and it still is. I recently have had all my living room and family room pieces reupholstered. For some of the pieces, this was the second time Knops has recovered them. Every single piece is beautifully done; the pattern matching and the fit is perfect. And everyone I have dealt with has been so nice and helpful, with good advice on fabric selection and style. We've done things like changing the feet and raising the height of sofas. We are three generations of customers of Knops. Both my mother and my daughter have pieces that Knops has recovered!

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